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January 17 2013

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January 03 2013

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January 01 2013

to będzie dobry rok, bez rocznic i postanowień, bez wspomnień i rozczarowań.
— muchy /notoryczni debiutanci
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December 28 2012

(Forever feedback)
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December 17 2012

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December 16 2012

December 15 2012

Yeah, I guess that should do in my case as well
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December 12 2012

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November 25 2012

November 24 2012

wczoraj miałem wszystko: pieniądze, jedzenie, spokój i orgazm. dzisiaj mam kaca.
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November 23 2012

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November 22 2012

November 13 2012

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  Phillip Lim carefully curates the art in his studio. Tokyo Sunrise by Nobuhiro Nakanishi, a hanging sculpture that shows 27 plastic films of the Tokyo skyline, is a panoramic pastel landscape that floats over the reception desk."
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November 12 2012

Lovely Hanneli in lovely LV shades.
tajest! (btw, właśnie zauważyłam pokrewieństwo nickowe :)
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November 11 2012

Hun, you nearly made me cry.. And I don't want to talk you into leaving K, but Poznań waits for you as I do. :*

November 03 2012

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